like a tornado, gurl!

Saw this going around yesterday. Just want to say, I envy this guy’s fearlessness and, frankly, his respectfulness. I say bravo to all of this. (Except … I think the library is open on those eyebrows.)

I could watch him for hours. How fun to watch those reporters trying to make heads or tails of his story.

Reminds me of this exchange from My Fair Lady​:

Eliza Doolittle: Here! What are you sniggering at?

Freddy Eynsford-Hill: The new small talk, you do it so awfully well.

Eliza Doolittle: Well, if I was doing it proper, what was you sniggering at? Have I said anything I oughtn’t?

(No, ma’am. Freddy’s just being snooty.)


1 Response to “like a tornado, gurl!”

  1. July 19, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Winner of the My Little Pony Look-alike Contest. LOVE it. They never taught us about eyewitness testimony like this when I was in law school. If this dude has a fan club, I’m in.

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