Summer is Dead. Long Live Summer.

This morning, in the kitchen, brewing coffee and cobbling together a meager lunch, with windows open all over the apartment and no air conditioning on, I noticed a coolness in the cross-breeze that wasn’t there yesterday. There was a dry, still and cold aspect to the morning air that made my arm hair stand up and my insides go soft. I love the first time every year I notice this coolness. It didn’t last long. It may be wishful thinking, but there will be more mornings like this in the weeks to come. And one day, in mid-September, I’ll realize that it’s here — it’s really here. Autumn is knocking on the door now, and summer is too hungover to get off the couch to answer. But it won’t be long before the Tylenol kicks in and summer will step out for a Big Bacon Classic and let autumn in for a while in its absence.


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