Please, God, Don’t Let Me Die Before July 4, 2007

(Actually, please let me live past July 13, when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is released. But, especially don’t let me miss this movie.)

Sadly, my childhood heroes look very little like they did when they came packed in styrofoam blocks slipped into cardboard boxes. “Robots in disguise,” indeed. What happened to the Megatron I know and love? Where’s my Starscream? Where’s my Mirage? My Hound? Jazz? Prowl? Red Alert?

For God’s sake, where’s my Bumblebee?

OK, I know… so Bumblebee sucked.

But what have they done to Optimus Prime’s paint job?

I don’t need this movie to look like a survey of the futuristic prototypes at the North American International Auto Show! I just want my old boys back!

Still, I can barely wait for this movie.

(Thanks to Justin for the tip.)


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