The ad says something like “People who need people. People who know people. People who know people who need people.”

Something like that.

It’s a subway poster for the Freelancer’s Union, and before I even comprehend the message, I react mainly to the number of times the word “people” appears. Of course, they want to focus on people: It’s a union. But when it’s repeated, like, 10 times in a single ad, it makes the word look weird.

Look at it:


That “eo” combination is just bizarre. Stare at printed English long enough and the words begin to look as foreign as another language. (Maybe because most of them are.) At the same time, they are totally familiar.

Say it over and over: people, people, people. Pee-pull. It just sounds weird. I’m embarrassed to say it. Do people (ahhh!) really say that word?

I don’t know if the ad makes me think about people, but it sure does make me think about “people.”


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