“Paging spring. Please report to the customer service counter.”

With each drearily passing day, I grow increasingly impatient with this bleak, grey, cold April. For a couple of weeks, it was odd — even funny. But now? Now it’s just irritating. Add the rain up here in the Northeast, and I can hardly bear it. I felt almost human yesterday when the sun came out for about five minutes. Then it began to rain more. We had rugby training last night outdoors in a constant light, but cold, rain. Mud can be fun — and it was — but let’s be reasonable with this temperature!

Frank Deford pointed out on NPR this morning that April is never a “seasonable” month. We always complain about April. But the problem this year is, rather than an unseasonable April, we’re experiencing a 61-day March.

This might help to explain:

(Where can I get me a pair of those shoes? Mr. Snowmiser does not shop at Payless, I can tell you!)

Of course, when the spring does come (and go — quickly) I’ll just be complaining about the heat and humidity.


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