Keep it Complicated, Keep it Real

The most interesting thing about this election cycle — apart from historical significance of the Democratic party putting its hopes and dreams into a race between an African-American man and a former First Lady — is that for the first time in my lifetime the Primaries matter.

Whether you want Obama or Clinton, it’s good to have the debate. I’m sick of people who are saying one or the other should just give up. I think my Clinton-supporting friend’s exact words the other night were “The Democrats need to wake the fuck up.”

But this is naïve and oversimple and short-sighted.

I may have voted for Clinton, but I’m glad Obama is in this. It’s good to have a real race. This is how it’s supposed to work. It’s those years where it’s all sewn up months before the conventions that are the anomalies. Nothing can be taken for granted.


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