‘Tis the Season (4.5)

There are such long breaks between seasons of Battlestar Galactica that I’ve forgotten what the frak is happening in the series. That half-season tease last year was a rotten, dirty trick.

I remember something about finding Earth, though in considerably poorer shape than anyone had anticipated. But there’s still a great deal of speculation about who the missing cylons are. And I don’t remember many remain to be revealed. (Or have they been revealed? I don’t remember!) Is Roslin still dying? I’m finding it hard to recall who’s dead and who’s still alive. That air-lock sure got a lot of use last season.

Currently, I’m enthralled by a series of webisodes (oh, how I dislike that word) taking place after the last season 4 broadcast. It’s all so deliciously familiar: the spaceship sound effects, Tigh’s crusty Canadian voice.

Plus, apparently, Gaeta’s gay! I’ve been wondering why a show depicting a society sexually liberated enough to have men and women share the same bathrooms, has been so completely absent of gay characters. But I am a little suspicious. The last time they dragged out a gay character, it was during a lull between seasons. Remember Admiral Cain from Galactica Razor? And she ended up dead!

There was no hint of her love life during Season 3, but in a between-season TV movie, we find she had an affair with a Six!

And now a freshly amputated Gaeta has a revelation. Is it a cynical plea for attention? Are the homos not good enough for the regular seasons? We’ll just throw them an extracurricular bone here and there? We’ll see.

For now, I miss this damn show so much that I am perfectly willing to live through another tease. And it gives me plenty of time to pick through the site and catch the frak up. There’s an excellent eight-minute recap of the first three seasons.

I’m so hooked, I’ll even put this widget on my blog:


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