Petty complaints about Irene stand out on social media landscape

Life is getting back to normal in the Delaware Valley after Hurricane Irene spun her chaos throughout the region. Transportation systems into and out of the area are nearly back to full power. And despite some damage and flooding, we skated by pretty luckily down here, all things considered.

A hurricane is kind of a big deal. On the day of impact, you can forget about how things are supposed to happen normally. The day after, you can expect a lot of clean-up and rescheduling; maybe a few flights and a few buses. Not until a good couple of days after the storm can you really expect anything approaching a regular routine to resume.

Most people feel inspired to band together and push through. Solidarity was in full bloom on social networks, where activity overwhelming centered around checking in on people’s safety and spreading reports of the latest details.
So the small but noisy minority of petty tweets and Facebook posts about travel delays I saw were doubly disappointing.

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