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Bulimia is so ’87

There is a boutique in my neighborhood that sells a Colombian line of jeans called Anorexy.

There is nothing more to say about that.


Saving Quarters

The days are lengthening through these cool spring months, and afternoons are warming up slowly in anticipation of summer’s full force. Families up and down Henry Street and East Broadway have begun to hang their laundry out their windows to dry. Wire hangers clatter against the fire escapes and iron grates along the tenement facades, and the damp clothes flap like prayer flags in the breeze that whips across Lower Manhattan and the East River.


What Are You Looking At?

I took great comfort this morning in the fact that, when I caught myself staring at a woman’s ass this morning on the F train, it was not her ass that I was contemplating but the stitching on her back pockets. This is absolutely true, and a perfectly legitimate subject of homosexual male interest.

Lord… if someone had called me on it, I would have been far less embarrassed by my staring at a woman’s butt than my staring at a woman’s butt. I hope no one saw me. As Hollywood said in the tragically unrerrated Andrew McCarthy/Kim Cattrall star-maker Mannequin: “I have a reputation to uphold.”

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