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Minneapolis, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.

Just feeling nostalgic.

• Nordeast Minneapolis
• Surdyk’s Cheese Shop
• The unshaven, misanthropic Surdyk’s Cheese Shop workers — Can I try a slice of … that one?
Psycho Suzy’s Motor Lounge
• Room in the back yard for a vegetable garden, an herb garden, and a butterfly garden
• Fish & chips at Brit’s Pub
• Aloof disdain for the Mall of America
Guthrie Theater
Jungle Theater
Walker Arts Center
The Lagoon Theater
Bryant Lake Bowl
Dykes Do Drag
• The Mississippi River
• Progressive politics
• City Hall
• The Skyway
Lake Calhoun
• Watching the joggers, rollerbladers and cyclists at Lake Calhoun
• Lakewood Cemetary
• The luminescent Target Corp. tower
Loring Park
Minnehaha Falls
Stone Arch Bridge
• St. Anthony Main
• Let It Be Records
• Big Brain Comics
• The Capitol
• The House of Cards parking ramp
• ’80s night at The Saloon
• Doc, the best bartender I’ve ever seen
• Professing hatred for The Gay ’90s but going there to dance in the retro bar anyway
Minnesota Public Radio
• People who know where Lake Wobegon is
St. Paul’s Cathedral
Caribou Coffee
• The straight kickboxer bartender at Trikkx who worked shirtless during happy hour
• Disagreeing with the snobby, joyless movie reviews in CityPages
• The stupid-looking banner of the Star Tribune
The Minnesota State Fair
• St. Paul
• All my friends


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