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Bad Signs

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The thing is, these guys are probably from somewhere near the Mediterranean Sea.
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Ectetera, ectetera…
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Waithing for a copy editor.
    Bad Sign
Walk. Wait, no. Don’t walk!

It always makes me wonder why so many small business owners have permanent signs on their businesses with gross spelling and grammar errors.

I remember a place in Minneapolis called “Lee’s Wig’s.” Apostrophe errors are among my biggest pet peeves, and they happen all the time. They’re not a surprise, though. Sometimes it can be tricky. And sometimes I can forgive it. Sometimes, sure… if you don’t know better, you might slip up and use an apostrophe in a pluralization. But when it’s connected to your livelihood? When it’s a direct representation of yourself in the world? There are no excuses.

Whoever made Lee’s sign got the possession right. But the S in “wigs” doesn’t set out to accomplish the same thing. So, then, if the one has an apostrophe, the other should not, right? One S or the other should have an apostrophe, but not both. I think I could accept “Lees Wig’s” more easily than this. That at least would show some conviction, rather than this spineless covering of all bases by overpunctuating every S in the sign.

Poor Lee.

How do those signs and awnings get made. Do the shop owners screw up? If so, why don’t the sign makers do them a favor and suggest corrections? Or maybe it’s the sign maker’s fault. And when it arrives, fresh, clean and smelling of plastic and paint, the shop owner thinks: Well… it’s close. Why wait longer or shell out for a new sign or?

I had some fun recently spotting some bad signs in New York.

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