Inferior Decorating

Three unforgiveable interior decoration decisions, in my opinion:

1.) White wall-to-wall carpet

2.) Floor to ceiling mirrors, especially an entire wall of mirrors

3.) Fake plants, especially trees

These are certainly my most hated interior design elements. They may be allowable in certain commercial contexts, but certainly not in the home. (Do you have a fleet of ottomans to cover up every red wine stain?) I think they represent the height of all that is vile and wrong about suburban notions of beauty or — worse — “nice.”

A friend once owned a condo with mirror-covered bathroom walls. Every vertical surface reflected every other vertical surface. You could watch yourself pee from all directions or get lost in infinity looking behind yourself in the mirror.

This place also had white carpet. When he redecorated, it was the first thing to go.

Years later, I found myself on a weekend trip in a house that incorporated all three elements. It was not the host’s fault, but rather his parents.

I will venture to add another:

4.) Wicker furniture

Anyony care to dispute me or add others?


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