I’m Super! (Thanks for Asking.)

I loved Superman Returns. It was exactly what we needed after Superman III and IV and the untimely passing of Christopher Reeve. Bryan Singer paints the character with a gentle, loving brush. And we fall in love again. The movie is gorgeous, as is the impossibly pretty Brandon Routh. And he does a killer interpretation of Reeve’s geeky Clark Kent.

It did for Superman what Batman Begins did for Batman. Thank god for Chris Nolan. I still adore Tim Burton’s two Batman films — dark, macabre and gorgeous. The scripts were weak, but those movies were always primarily about mood and design and stand-out villains. Then Joel Schumaker ruined the series with his be-nippled caped crusaders in Batman & Robin and Batman Forever.

With Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series and a strong X-Men series (despite negativity about III), superhero movies are back in our good graces. These directors have breathed new life into the newsprint golems of our childhood.

I learned recently that the attempt at a Smallville-like stab at an Aquaman TV series was aborted. This makes me sad, primarily because Justin Hartley is such a wonder to behold. And, let’s face it, people watch these WB shows for the boys, right?

At least you can get the pilot on iTunes!

I’m still waiting for a Green Lantern movie. He and Batman have always been my favorites. So when I took the “Which Superhero Are You?” quiz the other day, I was surprised — and a little disappointed to find that …

You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.
[Which Superhero Are You?]

I am Superman

I can live with this, I guess. I am kind of a boy scout, aren’t I?

But before I could get over that, along comes Who Wants to be a Superhero?, premiering tonight.

[Pause for reaction…]

Who are these people?

Levity is clearly gay and very cute. At first I thought his superpower would be stand-up comedy or something. Like he defeats his enemies by causing uncontrollable fits of hysterical laughter. His weakness would be humorless Republicans, etc… But I was taking the concept of levity too metaphorically.

Personally, I’m betting on Fat Momma.


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