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We Don’t Need Another Hero

Those black woolen thigh-length coats with the big buttons are great in the winter. What are they called? Not a pea coat. Anyway, the problem with them is the way they shed buttons like autumn leaves. At any given time at least one button is hanging on by a whisper, and another one is missing altogether.

Until recently, following a drunken mishap my friend and I no longer remember very clearly, mine was missing one at the top, one at the bottom, and a smaller one at the cuff.

I stopped in at a cleaners/tailor shop to ask if I could buy some replacements. While he sorted through some Tupperware containers of random spare buttons, I noticed tacked to the wall a photo that I recognized in an uncomfortable way. It was identical to the profile photo of a stranger who once friend requested me on Facebook.

The reason I remember the picture is that the guy in it is dressed in a superhero costume of his own design: shiny blue and silver and black fabric, a black silver-edged mask. I thought little of it, assuming it was a Halloween picture, but a brief investigation into his profile revealed many, many more images of this guy in variously slick and slender and shiny costumes. Capes, masks, gloves — the whole bit.

It wasn’t the tailor, unless he had gained weight recently. He was probably just someone he knew. With tailoring skills. What if it was his younger brother. Or … maybe his boyfriend! Maybe the tailor made the costume, and he was showing off the work, and not the person. Whatever it was, I resisted the temptation to ask who the masked man was. I just didn’t want to get into it.

In his Facebook profile, he described his hobby of wearing superhero costumes. Just for fun. All year round. Like, to wear at parties and stuff.

There are pictures of me in a Green Lantern t-shirt on my profile, and I list comic books as an interest. I imagine that’s why he found me, but it ends there for me.

I did not accept his friend request.


Green Lit

Green Lantern
Best. Movie. News. Ever.


I’m Super! (Thanks for Asking.)

I loved Superman Returns. It was exactly what we needed after Superman III and IV and the untimely passing of Christopher Reeve. Bryan Singer paints the character with a gentle, loving brush. And we fall in love again. The movie is gorgeous, as is the impossibly pretty Brandon Routh. And he does a killer interpretation of Reeve’s geeky Clark Kent.

It did for Superman what Batman Begins did for Batman. Thank god for Chris Nolan. I still adore Tim Burton’s two Batman films — dark, macabre and gorgeous. The scripts were weak, but those movies were always primarily about mood and design and stand-out villains. Then Joel Schumaker ruined the series with his be-nippled caped crusaders in Batman & Robin and Batman Forever.

With Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series and a strong X-Men series (despite negativity about III), superhero movies are back in our good graces. These directors have breathed new life into the newsprint golems of our childhood.

I learned recently that the attempt at a Smallville-like stab at an Aquaman TV series was aborted. This makes me sad, primarily because Justin Hartley is such a wonder to behold. And, let’s face it, people watch these WB shows for the boys, right?

At least you can get the pilot on iTunes!

I’m still waiting for a Green Lantern movie. He and Batman have always been my favorites. So when I took the “Which Superhero Are You?” quiz the other day, I was surprised — and a little disappointed to find that …

You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.
[Which Superhero Are You?]

I am Superman

I can live with this, I guess. I am kind of a boy scout, aren’t I?

But before I could get over that, along comes Who Wants to be a Superhero?, premiering tonight.

[Pause for reaction…]

Who are these people?

Levity is clearly gay and very cute. At first I thought his superpower would be stand-up comedy or something. Like he defeats his enemies by causing uncontrollable fits of hysterical laughter. His weakness would be humorless Republicans, etc… But I was taking the concept of levity too metaphorically.

Personally, I’m betting on Fat Momma.

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