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Eat Your Heart Out, Trekkies!


Mmm… Bacon

Mmm… bacon!


The Six Million Dollar Rabbit

A colleague just turned me on to Buns and Chou Chou, two rabbits with their own Web series called Rabbit Bites.

Like anything involving anthropomorphized animals, it sort of defies comprehension. See for yourself.

… but give them time.


Star Wars, or Whatever

Here’s another cop-out embedded-video post. But it is hilarious.

It’s a retelling of the original three Star Wars movies by someone who has never seen any of them in their entirety. This woman has only a very shady passing knowledge of story. She gets some details right on, but she is way off in some other areas.

These movies are part of the Fabric of American Identity, or whatever. Everybody knows something about Star Wars.

I want to go to the bar planet!

I often wonder what sort of empty lives are lived by people who never saw Star Wars. It must be like a form of torture. Someone ought to tell Eric Holder about it.


Best. Product. Review. Ever.

Ari Brouillette is my hero. Bear with this and read through to the end:

The Secret saved my life!


Keepon Dancing

This is an old one I forgot to post.

I don’t want to be one of those guys who mistakes commentary on YouTube videos for original thought, but this one is too cute to pass up.

This thing dances better than most people.

Here’s that little robot, Keepon, again in Spoon’s video for “Don’t Evah,” one of my favorite songs at present. It’s crazy how a pair of google eyes can trick you into having an emotional response to a motor and a pair of sponge balls.

Someone at work turned me on to Spoon. I’m scared to buy a whole album, so I just picked up a few tracks from iTunes. (Who buys albums anymore, anyway?)

I made that mistake once before when I fell in love with Combustible Edison after seeing Four Rooms, which featured their music in the opening credits. I only saw the movie because Madonna was in it. I bought one of their albums and sort of hated it.


Good Advice

Today, while checking my Gmail account, I saw an intriguing link in the space directly above the inbox.

How to of the Day – How to Soothe a Baby

It links to, a site that organizes member contributions (users write and edit its contents) into a how-to guide for everything. I once saw instructions for building an iPod tarot deck that completely mystified me. (What is this? and why in heaven’s name would I do it?)

Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Of course people need help and advice. And I guess a Web site is as legitimate as a parenting magazine or library book. I’d like to think that inexperienced parents and babysitters are talking to their moms, neighbors, friends — the lady sitting across the aisle on the F train — for parenting advice. But we now live in the age where Google is just as good.

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