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Star Wars, or Whatever

Here’s another cop-out embedded-video post. But it is hilarious.

It’s a retelling of the original three Star Wars movies by someone who has never seen any of them in their entirety. This woman has only a very shady passing knowledge of story. She gets some details right on, but she is way off in some other areas.

These movies are part of the Fabric of American Identity, or whatever. Everybody knows something about Star Wars.

I want to go to the bar planet!

I often wonder what sort of empty lives are lived by people who never saw Star Wars. It must be like a form of torture. Someone ought to tell Eric Holder about it.


The Postman Always Bleeps Twice

Doot doot. Beep beep.

How charmed am I that the U.S. Post Office is dressing up hundreds of public mailboxes across the country as R2D2?

Of course it’s all part of some bizarre marketing scheme tied to the release of a new stamp. But I’m willing to forgive that, because it’s just so fun. Despite all that is wrong about the most recent three movies of the series, I’m very happy to see that there’s life in the old droid yet.

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